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Photo by Copperwire Images
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Ride hard and smile often!


I am a photographer, craftsmen and practitioner.  Together I have established “Larissa Price Photography, Braided Works and Therapeutic Services.”

My name is Larissa Price, I am an equestrian competitor and entrepreneur that has had a passion for the equine athlete ever since I sat on the back of a horse.  Horses have been a major part of my life since I was a little girl riding at my grandparents ranch.  I knew that when I grew up that my life would include horses one way or another.


My entrepreneurial spirit was ignited with the camera.  Have you ever had a time where something has given you butterflies or given you a rush of excitement?  Well that’s the feeling I get when I capture “that one” photo.  Whether it be in the show pen, the barn or out in the field, I know when I get the perfect shot, it will make the person on the other side of the camera smile even more.  I love capturing moments of action, friendship and love. 



Photo By Copperwire Images

My braided works includes my hand made loping hackamores and dog leashes.  I have always had a knack for creating and using my hands to bring things to life.  Braiding has allowed me to create such projects that are one of a kind and original.  All of my braided works are made from 550 paracord that is strong and durable for everyday wear.  The loping hackamore is a great alternative in any warm up pen or along the trails.  This bitless bridle is a way to give our equine friends a break from everyday use of the traditional bit.  





In terms of my therapeutic services, I am a certified PEMF practitioner for horses, humans and small animals.  Magna Wave is a Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Frequency delivered through a coil that is placed on you or your horse. The blood oxygen is increased, lymphatic system activated and acupuncture points are stimulated. The oxygenation of the blood helps relieve inflammation, and because all pain is caused by inflammation, if we can relieve the pain and swelling, the body can begin to heal itself naturally, promoting a healthy happy body.


If you don't see me with my camera or braiding, you can find me in the arena working and riding horses.  I compete in an equine event called cutting.  
Cutting has taken me many places across Canada and the US to meet some incredible people and some incredible equine athletes.  I have not seen anything as beautiful as the sport of cutting.  It is a dance of ability and athleticism. 

Today I have completed my BBA with a major in marketing!

I plan to continue to learn and educate myself in all aspects of my business in the art of photography, craft of braidings and knowledge in PEMF therapy and services. 

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