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Brand New!

These new loping hackamores are hand made from recycled lariat rope and hand braided by myself.   Only 1 availble in each colour. 

The reins are heavy in weight and  soft on your hands. The lariat rope bosal offer instant pressure when needed as well as instant relese when given.


My loping hackamores are made from 550 paracord that is strong and durable for everyday use. This loping hackamore is a great to use in any warm up pen or along the trails. This bitless bridle is a way to give our equine friends a break from the traditional bit.


Soft for your hands and your equine partner, this style of hackamore is made from recycled rope and the reins are purely made from 550 paracord and 100% Canadain made!  They are heavier in weight and a joy to ride in.


Lariat Loping Hackamore

  • This hackamore only comes in the colours listed in the description. 

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