My loping hackamores are made from 550 paracord that is strong and durable for everyday wear. The loping hackamore is a great alternative in any warm up pen or along the trails. This bitless bridle is a way to give our equine friends a break from everyday use of the traditional bit.


Up to 4 colours can be mix and matched together!


Split reins measure up to be 22ft in total length.  The bosal part is 23" around and is considered standard size.  If you have a smaller or larger horse please do not hesitate to add that in the description box.


Split Rein Hackamore

SKU: LH20211
  • Want to see how the differnt colours look together?  Shoot me a message of the colour combo you have in mind and I'll make it up for you.

  • My hackamores are made on a per order basis.  Therefore, once ordered it takes about 5 business days to make.  

    Shipping is about 5-6 business days once sent.